# Node CLI Guide

Bytom2.0 full node provide command line tool bytomcli,you can use it to Interact with full node.

you can use HTTP, WebSocket or IPC to visit Bytom network.

if you need help, please use bytomcli --help command to see more detail

# Account

option description parameter
create-account create a new account <alias> <xpub(s)> [flags]
list-accounts list all accounts [flags]
delete-account delete specified account <<accountID/alias> [flags]
create-account-receiver create new address for specified account <accountAlias> [accountID] [flags]
list-addresses list all the addresses in specified account [flags]
validate-address verify address <address> [flags]
list-pubkeys list all pubkeys <accountInfo> [publicKey] [flags
list-balances list balances for specified account [flags]
list-unspent-outputs list unspent output for specified account [flags]

# Key

option description parameter
create-key create key <alias> <password> [flags]
list-keys list all the keys [flags]
delete-key delete key <xpub> <password> [flags]
reset-key-password reset key password <xpub> <old-password> <new-password> [flags]
check-key-password check key password <xpub> <password> [flags]
sign-message sign message to create a signature <address> <message> <password> [flags]
verify-message verify signature for specified message <address> <xpub> <message> <signature> [flags]

# Asset

option description parameter
create-asset create new asset <alias> <xpub(s)> [flags]
get-asset search asset by ID <assetID> [flags]
list-assets list all the assets [flags]
update-asset-alias update asset alias <assetID> <newAlias> [flags]

# Access-token

option description parameter
create-access-token create new access-token <tokenID> [flags]
list-access-tokens list all the access-token [flags]
delete-access-token delete the specified access-token <tokenID> [flags]
check-access-token verity access-token <tokenID> <secret> [flags]

# Transaction

option description parameter
build-transaction build a new transaction structure <accountID/alias> <assetID/alias> <amount>[outputID] [flags]
sign-transaction sign the specified transaction <json templates> [flags]
submit-transaction submit the signed transaction to blockchain <json templates> [flags]

# Block

option description parameter
get-block-hash search the highest block has [flags]
get-block-count search the highest block height [flags]
get-block search block by block hash or height <hash> / <height> [flags]
get-block-header search block header by hash or height <hash> / <height> [flags]

# Others

option description parameter
is-mining check is mining or not [flags]
set-mining set or close mining <true or false> [flags]
net-info print net info [flags]
decode-program decode the program into instruction <program> [flags]
version print version [flags]
wallet-info print wallet info [flags]
rescan-wallet rescan wallet to update balance [flags]
Last Updated: 8/16/2021, 5:43:00 PM