# Node GUI Guide

before you using this document, you must run the full node first.

enter to the browser, and go to full node dashboard

# Initialize key and account

choose "create wallet",if you have wallet, choose restore from keystore or mnemonic

type in account alias and password

get mnemonic ,for safety,Don't trasfer mnemonic in Internet, write on paper is best way to keep your mnemonic

backup your mnemonic

Initialization succeeded, go to dashboard mainpage

# Check wallet information

Check account information in management page

Check transaction information in transaction page

Check assets information in assets page

Check wallet balance in balances page

Check net information in setting-Core status page

# transfer transaction

go to transaction page , click "new" button ,go to New transaction page

Type in transaction information:

  • Assets:the assets type you will transfer
  • Address:receiver address
  • amount:asset amount you will transfer
  • Chain Transactions :if UTXOs are very small,advise open it
  • Select fee:transaction fee

submit transaction, type in password

submitted successfully, you can check your transaction in transactions page

Last Updated: 8/16/2021, 5:43:00 PM