# Consensus Node Integration Guide

# Set up a full node

Please refer to set_up_full_node

# Create an Account and address

For details, please refer to create_account_and_wallet, or directly use the GUI to generate GUI guide

# Get the node pubic key

Enter the "settings"-"core state", you can get the node public key information, and the node public key is used for voting and display

# Vote for your own node

Use BTM to vote for your own node On the "transaction" page, click New transaction to enter the "transaction details" page

Choose to vote, input these parameters:

  • Node public key: the public key of the node that you want vote
  • Number of votes: Number of BTMs to vote
  • Whether it is a chain transaction: If UTXO is too small, it is recommended to turn on this option
  • Select handling fee: you can choose the default

submit votes

submit successfully, check the vote details.

# Enable node to generate blocks.

Enter “Settings" - "Core status", enable node to generate Blocks

If votes reach top 10, the node will become a consensus node (called block producer), check the Transaction page, check if it received rewards.

# Update Staking page

Submit your publick key and Wallet address to Bytom official, and your node will be in the voting list of staking nodes, so users can vote for your node.

Last Updated: 8/13/2021, 3:08:49 PM